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Whether you want to hire skis, snowboards, full equipment (skis, snowboards, boots, ski wear…) or whether you need a particular service or you’re simply looking for professional advice, our team of mountain specialists are readily available to advise and to guide you so that you can choose the equipment best suited to your level of winter sports.


The Claude Penz Sports store offers you the option of trying out certain equipment (skis, snowboards and boots) before buying: for further information about this service, click here.


Choose your skis from the following brands: Dynastar, Lacroix, XO, Atomic, Volant, Stöckli, Elan.

The specialists at the Claude Penz Sports store will advise you on the most appropriate equipment and will show you the types of skis that are best suited to your level, your morphology and your budget. As we are ideally located, it is easy for you to exchange your equipment should you wish to do so.


Are you having trouble choosing your snowboard? Then worry no longer, because the specialists at the Claude Penz Sports store will advise you on which snowboard to choose. The Claude Penz Sports store has a wide range of snowboards by leading brands: Nitro, Nidecker.

Ski boots

It is important to choose your ski boots carefully so that your feet are protected from the cold and from impact during pressure. The type of ski boots you need depend on your type of skiing.

The specialists at the Claude Penz Sports store will give you sound advice, make the necessary adjustments and adapt the insoles to your feet. The Claude Penz Sports store also fits Conform’able and SUPERfeetsoles for maximum comfort!

Snowboard boots

Snowboard boots must fit perfectly, and be comfortable and warm to protect your feet from impact during movement and from the cold.

Ask for advice from the team of professionals at the Claude Penz Sports store.

Ski wear

The specialists at the Claude Penz Sports store are ready to welcome you and to show you a large choice of sportswear and accessories by the most prestigious names: Duvillard, Sun Valley, Schöffel, SportAlm, Poivre Blanc, Arpin, Campognolo, Odlo…

In order to ski or to ride with optimum conditions, it is essential that your clothing protects you from:

  • the cold (padded anoraks, fleece, jumpers, thermal clothing)
  • outside humidity (clothes treated with water-repellent, PVC and membranes such as the ones found in Goretex, Entrant or Sympatex) and sweating (technical underwear made from hydrophobic fibres)


The Claude Penz Sports store offers you a full range of accessories to give you added comfort during your boardsport activities: sunglasses/goggles, masks, caps, sun care products, etc.


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